Cook Veggies @ home

Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)

Too Little Vegetables & Fruits
Too Much Red Meat
All Refined Grains
Sweets, Candies & Sodas
Everything Processed
Chemically Treated, Synthetic Fertilized, Pesticide-Laden

Good Old Food

Many varieties of Vegetables & Fruits
Fish, Poultry, Meat and others
Whole Grains
Naturally Sweet
Everything is Fermented
Organic, Sustainable & Natural

Sad Condition

Heart Disease
Restless Mind

Let's Cook at Home like the
Good Old Days!

Yes, I want to ....BUT
No Time to Cook
No Skill to Cook
Never Tried those Vegetables

Don't Worry. You Found Cook Veggies @ home

We Teach Simple, Easy & Tasty Everyday Cooking!

  • When we cook our own meal, we can control what we eat.
  • We use local fresh organic ingredients as much as we can. I will teach you all about vegetables.
  • We make sauces, dressings, dips and seasonings. I will teach you how.
  • We buy good things from local artisan food producers. I will introduce you to them.
  • We learn wisdom from around the globe. Every country has its remedy food.
  • We see latest scientific proof of wisdom our ancestors found. It is always fun.
  • We join our local food community as conscious consumers.

And everybody we will be happy!

Hi, my name is Yuka. I'd like to share my cooking knowledge with you because I was like you. I know how you feel. I did not cook. I was too busy to cook. I did not know how to cook. I did not feel healthy. One day I started my baby step. I made a cup of soup. It was so easy.

Since that day, I have been cooking for myself and my family. I am not a trained chef, and do not teach you some secret pro-like techniques. I teach you real life everyday recipes and simple cooking methods.


30 minutes Work Shop

  • 1 dish demonstration and sampling. Currently offering two courses.
  • A Cup of Soup a Day
    Learn basic methods of soup.
  • Love Your Cooker
    Utilize your rice/slow cooker.

90 minutes Work Shop

  • Lecture and samples of 3-4 dishes with custom recipe cards.
  • Legumes
    Whole Grains
    Roots Vegetables
    Sea Vegetables

2 hours Work Shop

  • Demonstration and sampling of 3 dishes
    with custom recipe cards.
  • Seasonal menu

30 seconds Videos

  • Stay tuned to Super Easy Recipes.
  • Coming soon.

Private/Group Cooking Work Shop

  • Hands on cooking class and sampling
    of full meal with custom recipe cards.
  • Seasonal menu

Our Dishes